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AD Plant Type Explanation

  • Type 0 - Unknown or Unverified. This includes mixed feedstocks that cannot be validated.

  • Type 1 - Predominantly plant based. This includes food wastes, energy crop, grass clipppings, wood wastes, green waste, paper etc. including organic waste from food processing which we assume fit for human consumption.

  • Type 2 - Mixed Feedstocks containing plant based material and animal wastes (including slurries and manures)

  • Type 3 - Mixed Feedstocks containing Human wastes (Sewage and wastewater effluents)

Feedstock Type Explanation

  • Agricultural residues - e.g., corn stover
  • Dedicated energy crops - e.g., switchgrass, miscanthus, energy cane, sweet sorghum, high biomass sorghum, hybrid poplars, and shrub willowsr
  • Forestry residues - e.g., logging residues and forest thinning
  • Waste streams and re-useable carbon sources - e.g., the non-recyclable organic portion of municipal solid waste, waste food, plastics, CO2, and manure slurries